We are often asked, “In what type of marketing does your firm specialise in?” Our response: All types. While our clients operate their organisations, we determine and execute the tasks it takes to promote them. We shape their brands, their products and their people. Our clients come to us when they need to build a reputation, ruffle feathers and increase sales.

Who We Are

Fabrizi Media is an integrated brand communications specialist and marketing studio. We opened our doors in 2010, backed by our extensive experience in the industry and our resilient nature. Fabrizi Media is a fully black owned company with a Level 1 B-BBEE rating. We are a comprehensive full-service marketing, communications media and web development firm based in Johannesburg South Africa. Fabrizi Media specialises in design and layout, marketing strategy, planning, execution, analysis and on-going management. Notable areas of expertise include: brand design and development, creative media strategies and placement, print and interactive design, outdoor advertising, social networking and online marketing, email marketing and promotional collateral. We define strategic plans, design campaigns and most importantly – We harvest relationships.

About Us

At Fabrizi Media we help our clients identify goals, and then we take responsibility for providing integrated solutions to accomplish them. We work within budget constraints and most of all we meet deadlines. Creative passion is our assurance. We deliver on expectations. For the past formative years, Fabrizi Media has grown with its clients, the marketplace, and with technology. Included in this overview is a list of past and current clients served by the Fabrizi Media team.


When representing your brand online, it is essential to define your brand identity across all the channels you will be utilising. You should ensure that you don’t divert from your predefined character. At Fabrizi Media we view communication and advertising as an art. It may not be an exact science however we have certain formulas which work in harmony to build brands. We can assist with E-mailers & Web Banner designs as well as an overall website development which is responsive on all digital platforms.


Your brand is your representation and should assist in putting your company’s best foot forward. Fabrizi Media cultivates and develops creative solutions for the various corporate business platforms. The size of your project does not affect the attention we give to your brief. We are always willing to provide a fitting solution for your creative and digital needs. Part of our servicing menu includes full integrated marketing strategy. Our designs are always interactive while they create stimulating conversation. We define strategic plans and assist with all the stages of your marketing campaigns.


Fabrizi Media believes alternative outdoor media is the ideal way to enhance and make your message bold. Alternative outdoor media advertising cannot be avoided because of the size of the billboards and the element of surprise in the backdrop. It simply cannot be disposed like other mediums. Your message will be noticed every time. It is an outstanding marketing tool because it is cost effective, memorable and uniquely different. Not many other advertising mediums get the response and attract attention like alternative outdoor media. It forms part of a dynamic marketing strategy due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness. The benefits of such campaigns are endless.



We spend half of our time, if not more, either in our vehicles or being driven in someone else’s vehicle. Either way, we see branding on vehicles by the dozen, every day. The residual value of having a vehicle wrap is notable, and it is a fantastic way to get your business noticed, simply by driving your car. It is cost effective and Fabrizi Media is proficient at helping you use your fleet as a smart marketing tool to compliment your corporate identity. Branding your company vehicle will build brand awareness and foster additional business opportunities. Your vehicles will become billboards on the go; we will render a cost effective and personalised service for your branding needs. We source the latest and most efficient materials for branding, finishing our vehicle wraps with lamination for a lasting effect to protect it from the elements. Wraps are printed using the best in technology, at 1440dpi, ensuring sharp colour that will not fade. Design takes around three and four working. Vehicle wraps can last in excess of five years, or choose a temporary wrap that lasts up to six months. Our work is warrantied against peeling, popping and fading. Enquire for a tailor made turnkey solution.

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